I hate to write negative comments, but I can't see anyone buying this. Just watching their promotional video you see that:
1 - it's incredibly slow 2 - it's innumerability is poor, turning seems horrendous. 3 - in my opinion this looks awful As a person who commutes daily on a bike I'd be very interested in a pedal powered, pedal assisted covered bike, as I would be in a tadpole trike but not one like this.
Storage? Also, this thing on a footpath is an issue. As above, trying not to be negative, but atm there are too many negatives than positives, but it's good to see someone trying. An electric motor will change much, I think.
Netean: I think your being a bit harsh criticizing the looks. It may not be a thing of great beauty but its competitive in that department with most of the competition in my opinion.
What would be of greater importance to me would be things like how easy it is to propel up hills, the weight, storage for things like groceries or back pack, the ride, brakes, safety and practical matters like if the windscreen steams up in bad weather and how well it ventilates my body evenly when I ride it. I mean I dont want a cool torso when my head is steaming hot. Also the ease and cost at which it can have electrical assistance added.
We will probably have to wait till there are ride reports before those matters are covered though.
@netean The only enclosed electric tadpole I know of currently is Arcimoto SRK expected to be out in a couple years for $12k. It's supposed to have a top speed of 85 MPH
After the 10% tax incentive (for EV motorcycles) and fuel cost savings it has the potential to end up being pretty cheap if they succeed in launching it.
What town will let you ride on the sidewalks? A few pedestrian accidents and game over.
VoiceofReason storage? Epic fail.
Bob Flint
Don't think this would be allowed to roll along on either the street or the sidewalk.
Keith Reeder
"innumerability" = manoeuvrability?
Agree with the observations though - it seems about as agile as a shopping trolley. No wonder it spends most of its time on (probably illegal to cycle on in the UK) footpaths...
@netean, I'm afraid you are correct. The turning in the video was awful. In the way to meet with the person to do the filming I had an accident that damaged the steering. But since it was an unusually sunny day (here in Northern Illinois) I decided to go ahead and film. But the steering was awful. What you see as the tricycle is a simple base just to mount the shell for the video. This is not at all what the production frame will look like. Also the small electric motor in the video is not the 750 hub motor that will be in the production Ego.
Why does he spend almost the entire video on sidewalks? Is he too afraid to ride in the street? In many jurisdictions including New York City, it's illegal to ride bicycles on the sidewalk, aside from ticking off pedestrians in every locale.