Derek Howe
The concept vehicle seems nice, but would be much better if it could hold 2 people.
I like the look and concept but having those rotors so low and exposed is a bit surprising. I think the other design (Volocopter) is better.
Bill Bennett
Note to self: do not exit aircraft until propellers stop spinning.
why so expensive :) ??? this is way to make own
This concept looks awesome! I was however trying to find mention of what'll be done about the open rotors. Seems like either enclosures or fancy sensors will be a must _before_ finding out the hard way how fast those high-speed rotors can shred a bystander.
Fantastic, about time, the future for now. Enlargen chassis and fit existing helicopter bodies ontop using the turbine engine to drive the motors as sole power or electric or hybrid. Would love to see the bell222 fuselage ontop this! It's simple mechanically and redundant and that's perfection in aviation!!! Everyone.
As others have observed this needs:
~ Rotors above the cabin, so you can get out safely. ~ Better range. ~ A parachute on top for emergency landings (plus maybe an airbag system on the bottom). ~ Ducted fans for urban flying. ~ Two seats if possible. ~ A battery swapping system.
Only problem is all that would add weight.
As said before, no autorotate and no parachute=yikes. The only way this could be made safe is to enclose the blades in a ducted fan type scenario and include an emergency parachute. Also 23 minutes is fine for a prototype, but really, a minimum of 3 hours is a must if it's to be taken seriously.
Why has nobody mentioned the simple fact:
Regardless of my preference for NOT calling them DRONES, IF you can sit in it it INS"T A DRONE/UAV/RPA/UA/RC-Toy, it is a piloted multicopter (even if optionally piloted).
DRONE != Multicopter, repeat that they are NOT exclusively synonymous.
With the rotors, yep placing them above the cabin will enable landing in a lot more places without remodelling the hedges. (The control algorithm cane cope with the pendulum effect (better than the inverted pendulum effect)
Correction. To the last person, It is a drone if it has no pilot. Doesn't matter if it's carrying a person or a mule. But wow. Air taxis. Blade Runner days have arrived, I would say...