It looks like a very effective people shredder. The blades need to be ducted.
Roll on the Jetsons! We need loads more R&D for drives, infrastructure and governance methods.
Nik, like existing helicopters you mean? Yeah, not an issue. However, even though electrical autonomous flying machines have a useful place and will happen, it will never be used for mainstream commuting in any area but an extremely thinly populated area. Imagine landing 1000 of these per minute for 3 hours long during the rush hour commute in Manhattan in the morning and evening. Yeah, not going to happen. Even in a small city like Cincinnati it won't happen. The only perfect door-to-door transportation model is the automobile. It just needs to be autonomous and electric (and thus cleaner, safer and cheaper). All other forms of transportation has much more limited use for 95% of peoples needs to be transported. Everybody using buses, trains, plains and ships still need something to get to the terminal (typically a car and bikes under good conditions with limited options - not when it snows or rains, not when distances are exceeding 2 miles or includes steep hills or when any luggage of significance needs to be carried, not safe under current traffic conditions, most older people can't or wont' use it, etc.). Bicycles are great but not really an effective form of transportation in 90% of the world. It's better when the only other option is to walk, specifically in 3rd world countries. But yeah, even autonomous electric flying appliances ain't gonna 'fly' so to speak when it comes to mainstream commuting.
I agree Nik. I also think it needs to carry at least two people to be safe.
That's very cool, but like Nik said...
I agree with Nik. Specifically ducted or not, this could be a new green area for bamboo. Spherical/cuboical wicker cages to protect blades and non-blades.
Helicopters, and especially two-engine helicopters are the most dangerous aircraft that have ever made their way into public acceptance. Flying them demands full concentration, constant management of the controls, and an extreme awareness of the environment. But autonomous drones or highly-computerized flight control systems with some of the same features could easily make helicopters safe enough to be considered for a larger role in transportation.
Indeed! I agree with Nik. Does the State of Nevada have ulterior motives?
Nik is right. habakak, helicopter blades are usually above head-height. Lower the landing gear a bit and this could double as a lawnmower.
Make one for me, but with pilot's controls! I would luuuurrrrvv to fly one!