Michael Dijk
Never just accept, investigate...
Rey Candelaria
Einstein has always BEEN in the catbird seat waiting for everyone to catch up...!
One step forwards Two steps back
Paul Anthony
I am not a physicist, nor an astronomer. I do wonder though, isn't dark energy just gravity?
re; Paul Anthony
After they added a bunch of mass nobody had ever seen to make their Big Bang theory work they had to add an anti-gravity energy to make the Big Bang with Dark Matter model work.
ok so black holes are the flush mechanism for our Universe, everything goes somewhere, so all that matter that goes through a black hole goes somewhere, how far does it look like a volcano the other side? does it spread out and form a 'wall' between our universe and the next? this means that every black hole could lead to another Universe so maybe one of them flushed and hey presto we got the crap matter which formed our little old Universe. Begs the question then of how many Universes there are or maybe all our black holes send matter out which gives our Universe a skin and time bends the matter back through into the big bang theory, so maybe we are all recycling matter every zillion years or so-who knows??
Jason Woods
Can we take back the Nobel Prize they won last October for this BUNKO Voodo they put out, now that we know its wrong? Im starting a petition!!
Does this mean that scientists now believe the universe might be static after all, as Einstein seemed to think, it was?
Maybe we're being *sucked* towards some other "dark ages" phenomena, rather than being pushed anyplace by omnipresent repellent stuff?
Do I understand this correctly? Any theory assuming a change in molecules over time is no longer valid. The only theory which can explain the expansion of the universe is the cosmological constant.