Not a car, but an in-closed motorcycle, no helmet required...
And of course with 2 employees and a drawing in hand they have skipped to the part where they take customer money for pre-orders. After Elio this is becoming something like the South Park underpants gnomes would come up with. Phase 1: Announce product, Phase 2: take preorders, Phase 3: Profit
Elio spent 6 years and $70 million or so to build 5 very rough prototypes and they IPO'd with a $600 million dollar market cap and they will likely never actually launch a product.
At this point I'm wondering if I can't just hire a 2 people on fiver to build me a quick website and draw up a prototype so I can launch my own 3 wheeled car company and take preorders too. This isn't like kickstarting an idea for an LED flashlight where you can just submit a design to a factory in China to build it's launching a car company and all the tooling, hiring, and manufacturing expenses that come with it.
If the founders don't have millions of dollars of their own skin in the game or at least some massive funding from investors they probably shouldn't be taking peoples money just yet. So far Arcimoto is the most likely company I have seen in this space to actually launch a production product.
@Daishi:, so don't give 'em ur money?
It does appear, though that all they've got is some average-quality renders and some made-up specs. Probly won't give 'em mine, either. ☺
Design comments: interesting that they're still trying to make it look somewhat like a car. Why not expand out of the "cookie-cutter" box a little, folks? Also, keep a mind to practicality if your mantra really is "to transport the driver to work, around town and then home again in the most efficient way possible". How much room in the boot, for example?
I think someone would have an interesting product if they produced this kind of chassis that could bolt up to the rear end (drivetrain) of your average chinese cheapo scooter, combining to provide a simple, cheap all-weather commuter.
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really cool. I hope they are able to put it into production. It would be neat not only to see them on the roads but also to drive one.
Saysme, it is an enclosed bike for COMMUTERS!! READ!! But it is trash--61 miles duration--no good., plus a cheap copy of the Elio. Then again put a hydrogen fuel cell in them all and you got a real car.
There are quite a few emerging car companies, gasoline powered as well as electric powered. Sadly they are all being sat on by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA new car dealers), for refusing to let the NADA sell their cars retail through their crooked network of dealerships. Its isn't just Tesla that the NADA is trying to put out of business. Any new car company that chooses to sell its products factory direct (a necessary choice for struggling startups that don't have deep pockets), will come under fire from the NADA unless they agree to let their retail dealers and useless sales staff get their cut. The NADA affiliated dealerships (in 48 states now all new cars must be sold retail and only through an NADA affiliated dealership), are nothing more than rent seeking businesses that enjoy a closet monopoly hiding behind big government protectionist legislation called franchise laws. Its sad but because of the greed of this of the this organization Americans will almost certainly be denied more automotive options. Your right to choose is being taken away "by the NADA". Support Elon's factory direct sales model and Americans who want their God given right to choose taken back from the NADA and returned to the people. The NADA's franchise laws aren't protecting anyone but themselves. Support your right to once again buy factory direct or continue to bend over for your friendly neighborhood NADA dealership.
Glen Aldridge
$20,000.? Seriously, this is getting awfully close to some electric cars already on the market after Government rebates. You can already get several Velomobiles for half the price, some of which are getting close to 80kms/hr. If you really want to get the super lean city car why not get an Elf already in production for $8,000? Get yourself some healthy exercise, save on insurance & other operating costs, park it almost anywhere & stick the remaining $12,000. in your round the world vacation fund.
In most cases it is still considered as a motorcycle and would require a helm regardless you're enclosed or not, since there is not a legal distinction (yet).
So for about what we paid for our 2013 Honda Civic, we can buy this? I don't think so. Motorcycles aren't bound by car safety devices. Make em in India and get them over here for less than 8 grand. Use a ubiquitous 250 scooter engine, fair it well, and have a chopper glass sprayed,fiberglass over foam, low tech solution that people can actually afford and drive.
I kinda like it. I'd buy it and immediately swap in an Evinrude e-Tec Two-Stroke V4