Roger Kummert
I wonder how it will handle cross winds. My guess is that it won\'t.
Looks more like a home appliance on wheels.
very kewl concept for crowed cities ... i\'d be wary of crosswinds however ...
oops, meant to type \"crowded\"
A gust of wind and the rider is scraping the ashphalt. It\'s ugly too.
Madigan CM
Wow. Leave it to the Japanese to make things one-size-fits-small. Also, there doesn\'t seem to be room for escaping nut-crunching short stops...
i thought it was a... credit card on wheels...
Facebook User
Hello back pain! People who aren\'t riding competition speed bikes don\'t like leaning forward due to the strain it puts on their lower back.
The handlebars should be made to raise up to a level that allows the rider to sit upright.
Yuji Fujimura has taken \"art and beauty\" manual and thrown it to the wind with his concept Electric Bike Version 2.
I LIKE IT. Modern and reminds me of somthing ....lets call the thing an, ibike. Put an apple sticker on it and...hello, it\'s cool dudes. Gotta have one, Steve baby does bikes, who cares about cross winds.
Yes, I agree that crosswinds will be an issue, particularly on bridges (where there is nowhere to fall except into the bus lane)! So the design will have to be more of a lattice work, still strong and very light weight but also able to let the wind pass through. Love the iBike moniker - every time you pedal, you charge your gizmos.