Steve Jones
That's really awesome, but although this article is about straight-line speed, that thing is clearly no dragster. It's a hillclimb car, and a wicked one at that.
James Smith
From the second photo, it would seem this is more like an autocross car. I have personally thought that an electric autocross car with the active traction control and four in-hub motors would be ideal. Range would not be a large factor as very few autocross courses are longer than a mile and most less. If I were still active in the sport, I'd be building something ike that now.
0 to 100 km/h in 1.785 seconds. Fully charged to flat 4.315 seconds?
Ben Robeson
While it's an impressive vehicle, it's important to remember that any sort of world record only reaches as far as the regulating body. If Guinness says it's the fastest 0-60 electric car, that means it's the fastest one they've documented for their book. Not that it's actually the fastest in the world. For example -- a faster electric car. Interestingly enough, a quick Google search shows me that you guys have had this error pointed oit to you a number of times. Shame you don't consider research important to your article writing.
That video should win an award! Disappointed that we didn't get to see the 0-60 run though.
Mark Yormark
Here is an example of an electric vehicle that is even faster from 0-60, and this was done several years ago and by no means is the Black Pearl the quickest
Mira Lok
It's a formula student car.
Mira Lok
Reglement of the "Formula Student" actually not allows on event to use more than 100kW power, so the were more faire in that case. anyway great work of the team!!!
Mark Yormark
John Metric's Assault'n"Battery has a 1.312 second 60 foot time which converts to 62.36 m.p.h
Mark Yormark
I consider research important and I applaud the university research teams for their accomplishments, but the article states....Grimsel has claimed a new world record for acceleration in electric cars: 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 1.785 seconds Read the article, there is nothing that says that is record is only for university research teams