\"From the outside, the only thing distinguishing the AMP from gas Grand Cherokees is the \"100 % Electric\" badging on the former.\"
So we won\'t be able to tell the difference between a gas powered and electric powered Cherokee when we pass one at the side of the road in the middle of the desert?
80-100 miles range? That\'s practically a death sentence where I live.
Denis Klanac
Because jeep are well known for their reliable electrics.
Great, putting a drivetrain which uses a very inefficient and horrible method of storing energy into an overweight, innefficient design and horrible aerodynamics derived from its fuel guzzling predecessor.
Wow these designers and engineers are really smart.
Also 100 mile a charge doesn\'t mean a thing. It could have been moving at 15mph on a level road to get that kind of range.
152kW from 37.4kWh equals under 15minutes of runtime at full power - don\'t drive up any hills...
Mark A
I wish I had the money to be impractical.
Derek Howe
It seems like I hear about a new electric vehicle being produced every week, exciting times.
It's only a matter of time before the internal combustion engine falls. It's still top dog today, but who knows a few years from now. 2012 is going to be a BIG year for electric vehicles.
Sure electric motors are efficient, but that doesn\'t ultimately make the purpose built vehicle efficient.
Batteries are very inefficient way of storing energy, and charging them takes a long time. Unless there is a quantum leap in battery technology or international standard for battery interface so battery swapping infrastructures can be built, I don\'t see them catching up even until for a few more years.
Also the tree and polar bear huggers should also note that electrical motor and battery technologies are far from being \'green\'.
You still need petroleum to manufacture them, transport them and maintain them. The manufacturing methods are as destructive and poluting to the planet Earth as ICE tech, and the raw materials STILL need to be mined and none of them are currently renewable.
EVs are not the ultimate answer to sustainable living on this rock, far from it.
Charles Hoss
SpaceBagels : no copper recycling ? the batteries are losing zero weight during their whole lifetime - they are completely recycleable . you can refill a battery driven car with wind power , nuclear , geothermal , diesel etc - depends on the local power grid . I wonder how log would it take to make a good electric car without the will to make one not perfect . the chinese have fifteen years of experience in the field . europe has a few fancy concepts and that\'s all . who will make the electric cars of the future ?
Another clunker that won\'t sell. Poor (lazy) design and a 80 mile range. That is a death sentence in the CA desert. 50 to 100k price tag? For this piece of junk? It\'s not a jeep if you can\'t go off road. Maybe Gizmag should qualify the gizmo before allowing this kind of crap to hit my email.
Maybe Gizmag should slam and make a joke of this kind of least they could provide a laugh.
Neil Larkins
People, people, people. They, Jeep, doesn\'t expect to sell any of these (if any so sell, they\'ll be as surprised as anyone). All these new electrics are being trotted out for one reason and one reason only: So the auto industry can easily and cheaply meet the new CAFE standards being imposed upon them. An electric lowers the overall fleet average MPG considerably, more than any other thing that could be done for the money. Fact is, without the electrics, it would be impossible for them to meet those standards...or at least without spending themselves into bankruptcy while producing cars no one would ever buy.