great idea, but only on streets without vans, buses roof racks and trucks.
Mel Tisdale
There are problems with this idea. It is going to make the pavement (U.K. English definition) very dark, which could encourage muggings etc. Also, I imagine that the shop windows will need to have the lights on more. The side loadings are going to take some coping with on corners especially when fully laden at rush-hour.
How do the Cars Change lanes?
Sam Sim
too low, only 2m?
cars change lanes at random, how is this thing supposed to deal with that?
If they actually make this bus, I see lots of broken car mirrors and other auto and bus damage. It only takes a car to be slightly out of the vehicle lane and there will be a collision.
This is outrageously stupid. But stupid happens. However autonomous public and private transportation will alleviate a lot of all the current issues. There is no easy way around managing congestion around on and off ramps into cities due to the need for pedestrian crossing. This is the one area where autonomous vehicles will not help much. Pedestrian crossings are the big choke point that we need to solve to alleviate traffic congestion, especially in cities.
A moving bridge, eh? That'll work...
How do you get 2,480 tons of carbon, from 800 tons of fuel?
Bill Bennett
What could possibly go wrong?