Hasn\'t Bose been developing this technology for quite a while? I think they call it \"active suspension\" and its also based on using magnets. If somehow can tell me how this is different I would appreciate it.
Here is a link to a video that was posted in 2007 but judging by the vehicles its a good bit older.
Ludwig Heinrich
In fact Gizmag reported on the Bose system here:
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I wonder if this system also allows ride height adjustments i.e. \'Air Ride\'? Also, rather than a battery, why not a capacitor; they are becoming next gen\'.
As best as I can gather from the two articles, this is basically the same thing as the Bose system. Key differences would be that this system has the spring included and has no traditional hydraulic damper, where the Bose still has a hyd damper and has to move the spring somewhere else to make theirs fit. I\'m sure that the algorithms are different too (the control strategies.)
Corvettes already had this on some of the C6 models.
Gabriel Jones
The Corvettes have metallic particles in the hydraulic fluid that when under a magnetic field changes the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid.
Paul Anthony
Regenerativity should actually make this a positive contributor in Hybrids and all Electrics. I wonder what the voltage is that it runs off of? The reason I ask is that if you can match the existing system voltage in a hybrid or an all Electric then wouldn\'t you eliminate the need for a battery in the unit?
I think another new feature is energy recovery. That probably wasn\'t important in the Bose system.
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May be more cheap, than the Bose Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control (IVDC).
The sensors and accelerometers can override the complex algorithm of eletromagnectic Bose suspension.
May be too SKF/Eindhoven University system requires less energy than that, but Mr. Bose had a brilliant pioneer solution.
Dave B13
General Motors \"Magnetic Ride Control\" goes back to 2002 on a Cadillac and 2003 on Corvettes. It is also currently used on other GM brands, including Australia\'s Holden.
\"Magnetic Ride Control\" uses a fluid that changes viscosity (think warm water Vs cold mollasses in your hydraulic damper ) depending on the strength (and maybe orientation) of the fluids exposure to a changing magnetic field. It\'s not a magnetic suspension like the Bose. (I\'m no genius, I just connect some poorly recalled dots with google, then post.)