Bill Bennett
I live near to a BPA 500 KV powerline if I put in an inductive coil it would be called theft
Someone should invent one that charges with ambient sound.
These guys are a little late with their claims. An identical power harvesting patent was issued to me in 2006 and assigned to Firefly Technologies/Powercast LLC. See: US Patent number: 7027311 Great technology for smoke alarms, sensors and other low-current devices.
Nikolai Mikkelsen
Nokia has been experimenting with this technology for quite some years now.
Facebook User
I know of a guy in the US that wrapped a coil around a high power transmission line near his house. Now he's doing 5 years in prison.
You guys are about 100 years behind. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Henry Moray were powering cars and killowatt devices during their prime years using ambient energy. Only problem was they were too ahead of their time; politics has gotten the best of mankind's energy quest. It seems this student has really done his homework on Tesla and Moray. Except his "high frequency diodes" are gonna have to be way more advanced before he gets any useful power from ambient energy sources. Hope he gets to work asap before someone else does.
Amuses me that the same people that rant on about free energy the Tesla Way are the same ones that rant on about mobile phone signals giving you head cancer
This must surely be the most useless invention ever. The few micro-watts it would develop, and randomly at that, are plain silly. Instead of carrying this joke, carry a spare battery/charging device, it has the same form factor. At least the latter has some substantial and real energy.
David Clarke
Surely people ought to determine how much electricity is actually available in the air, before building a device to extract it and save it. If you place a coil around a wireless is carrying AC current, a current will be generated in the coil. If you do this to your household electricity supply, then it is obviously classed as theft. Whether it is detectable is another debate.I read the other day that around 25% of electricity is stolen in places such as India, but that is probably done with direct electrical connections anyway, bypassing the meter.
Ha that's funny...the power company showering family homes with cancer-causing EMF and then prosecuting the same people should they be intelligent enough to harvest a few watts of power. There should be a law...tit for tat and that sort of thing...