Michael Crumpton
This seems like a good possibility for developing markets where fuel and mechanics are scarce and expensive.
Mac McDougal
I sympathize with William Mannarn when he talks about evaluating new battery technology. I hope Gizmag will follow up sometime, and include in the new story information on the regulatory/certification process for aviation and other electric storage systems.
Very cool. Seems it would be better to forge ahead with 4 passenger (+room to add 2 seats) lithium ion version and then with new (higher energy density) batteries simply substitute for lithium ion and add 2 seats.
Wish the new battery tech would come along for my rc aircraft. Tired of just 8-10 minute flights per charge.
Looks to me like global player EADCO (with vested military interests) intends to overshadow ProAero's very advanced civil single-seater Electra One Solar project by announcing deceivingly long-term development and certification goals for the Elektro E6.
I'd rather warn ProAero not to engage too far into this possibly deceptive joint venture.
Batteries with the energy-density needed for a plane like this will not be available for a long long time....
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
@Cubdriver. That's quite a pessimistic view you have there. I'm quite an optimist believing that in 10 years time battery technology will have made great strides in energy capacity and power. There is a lot of work being done on novel battery concepts. One of them I have great hopes for is graphene.
re; Fretting Freddy
The energy density required for batteries in a practical electric plane is an order of magnitude greater than the energy density of kerosene. Batteries do not get lighter as the energy is used.
Paul Smith
The energy density of gasoline is approximately 13 kW·h/kg, The theoretical energy density of the lithium-air battery is 12 kW·h/kg (43.2 MJ/kg) excluding the oxygen mass
Not here yet, but time to start designing the airframe.
re; Paul Smith
There will be plenty of time to design the airframe after someone announces a prototype battery of adequate energy density.