Lady Townsend
Wow! That is so neat!
Gerard Gallagher
Elegant concept!
This would probably be even cheaper to build if done locally in the developing world. I like it- a lot!
So many technologies that could help the poor are great in theory but unaffordable to those that need it most- this is to be commended.
Nantha Nithiahnanthan
Simple and Beautiful. With economies of scale it could probably be built for much cheaper. I see the possibilities for many imitations. Which is not a bad thing, as the people that these devices help are not rich.
Denis Pageau
Brillante idée sans une facture sallée.
Lou Digilio
Very nice concept for fresh water! Wondering how to use the left over salt at the top though.
Bruce H. Anderson
The salt could used for cooking/seasoning, and could be a source of income if it is packaged and sold. That assumes the water is not particularly nasty. I wonder if it is possible to make clean water from adulterated water using this device.
Jansen Estrup
Everybody in my California neighborhood has to buy water for drinking, cooking, even bathing - a larger version of this in every back yard would solve a lot of privatized water problems - well done, and open-source, too!
Bryan Paschke
@nantha: "knock offs" are kinda the point of open source! @Lou: depends on the salinity of the water....I bet that in some places the salt precipitating out of the evaporating salt water will be nearly as valuable as the water itself.
Siddharth Mehta
Was the efficiency of this device measured in relation to others such products, and in relation to its price? If the inventor can prove that his is the best product we can help him in spreading this.
I suspect this is neither a new concept, nor the cheapest.