pre-ordering products is what they should call it; equityless investments. or , gambling for prizes.
Dax Wagner
I sat in it at CES this year. Nice design, but there is no way they're going to get the financing required. I hope I'm wrong, but pinning your hopes on pre-orders and a government loan is not a good business plan. Have they sold a single piece of machinery from the old plant yet? I'd put the odds of this going into production at 20%
Custom engineering engines when they should have been building "cars".
Kathy Vincent
About Elio ...You can file a charge back with your credit card company for a refund due to the false production dates. If enough people would do this the credit card company will encourage them to correct their false advertising. If he files bankruptcy it will be too late for a refund. Also if its ever produced, make sure you budgeted at least $15,000. Your agreement states sales price is not guaranteed. Also your deposit does not guarantee they will ever sell you a car or make these. Mr. Elio says if the car sold today he could not sell it for less than $7300. Yet he refuses to make this public by changing the advertised price. Earliest possible production start, if they raise $240 million in the next few weeks, is mid 2016. If this car is ever produced I can buy one the first year right after reservation holders. If they can make these as fast as they claim then there will be plenty to buy the first year, if its ever produced. Prices will only increase in the next 3 years and I'm sure there are many costs he did not consider. There is not a production date scheduled at this time
Kathy Vincent
This article says Mr. Elio is continuing to make enhancements to the car yet the company states it will still go for $6800. Paul Elio said in another interview that if the car were to sell today he could not sell it for less than $7300. He has increased his paid ads with Facebook in an attempt to get as many deposits as he can as fast as he can. I suspect this charade will soon come to an end.
Fuel economy drops are happening fast. By the time these poor souls get their hands on this there will be full size family wagons that sport similar economy figures.
Developing a new engine is madness - The big guys put millions into this sort of thing. As most of the other similar projects have gone bust - even the excellent Aptera- these dreamers are doomed. By comparison the Original Twist 3-wheeler Honda GX engine costs £500 max
Don Rathburn
I hope the best for them. If they keep it simple, along the lines of a no frills basic enclosed motorcycle they have a chance. They sounded like they wanted to use off the shelf parts as much as possible, stuff you could easily get at the local store. If they get too far away from that and become too proprietary they are doomed.
I finally got tired of the relentless emails trying to get me to get in line with a deposit and removed my name from the mailing list.
Sure doesn't look good pushing back the launch date.
If this new engine works out I hope they will sell some to other interested clients and not just keep it for the Elio only. The world needs a new small efficient engine designed from the ground up with all the latest technology available at an affordable price.