Unless the cost is significantly lower, 200 recharge cycles is still too short of a lifespan. Don't want to have to change out my car battery twice a year... Also no mention of other important performance metrics such as charge time and discharge rates...
Ken Mills
great new battery tech but will we see products in our lifetime? lots of new breakthroughs but we are still using Lion.
Gerry W
at 1000 km per cycle you could get 200,000 km out of this battery. Hardly replacement twice a year unless you are an astronaut.
They got a lousy tiny $2.5 million investment. Something is missing here. If this - 400% capacity of today’s batteries technology is both economic and durable, where is real investment in their solution?
Mzungu_Mkubwa, you misunderstand the report. It says that after more than 200 cycles, the battery's charge/discharge efficiency remained at 99%. As far as I know, this performance is PHENOMENAL compared to current technologies.
I'll believe it when it's on the market and in our devices.
We will see leaps and bounds with battery tech, just like we did with early computer tech between 1990 and today.
BlueOak - It's all about money and oil. :( - - - Nothing good for the common good. Technology seems to be vexed on privacy and profit
Ajay Narayan
This is a Wonderful news. The world must get together is such cases to relieve the dependence on fossil fuel and promote to excel such discoveries. We have to save our planet form climate change.
Congrats on your successes so far, Dr. Shaibani and crew! We look forward to safer, denser, and longer lived cells soon. Best of luck in your total success.