Sun man
If they could actually make this work it will be the greatest scientific breakthrough of the century. I'm not sure the fossil fuel companies would ever let it happen
Assuming this works, the IPO won't be $10B. It'll be much more. Within a year, the company will surpass Apple.
As someone once taught me, claims mean nothing without evidence. I'll hold on any decision until I see something in the real world and thoroughly tested under a number of conditions. That "90-year" electric car going around the track non-stop for a couple of weeks would be enough to make a believer of me but only if it was done under controlled conditions making cheating impossible. My landlord in Las Vegas tried to get me to invest in an apparent perpetual motion machine that he claims he inspected but he wasn't even skilled enough to keep the plumbing working properly, let alone detecting a well-manufactured fraud.
Buds Mckenzie
I think there are ways to make dirty bomb weapons from the nuclear batteries. And it promotes expansion of the nuclesr industry.
Its too dangoerous for consumer products
Sounds too good to be true. If this proves out successfully in heavy duty applications, we can develop better solar cell technology that can maintain a charge, EVs will replace fossil fueled vehicles.
Mind if I wait for the production model? POC is cool, but you can't buy it.
Hmm... so let me get this straight. The nuclear waste will now spread into every corner of the world without any repercussions? None of these "batteries" will be just thrown away haphazardly?
Douglas Bennett Rogers
If this pans out it is more important than the discovery of fire! It is a personal energy source that is one million times as dense as chemical energy!
Douglas Bennett Rogers
So far as dirty bomb goes, that would be a terrible waste! You could, instead, make a hand held rail gun!
This is rather hard to believe, but I'm sure there are some caveats. For instance, If the battery is continuously charged, what happens when the battery is fully charged? Nuclear decay does not stop, so where do the electrons go?