Here we go again...barely a day goes by that I don't read of a breakthrough in lithium battery design. Problem is, all these breakthroughs are incremental at best, what we need to approach the energy density of a tank of gas is orders of magnitude.
This would be great if this technology would translate into lighter, less costly and higher capacity batteries for the home solar market.
Yup, more "discoveries" yet none come to market; not enough profit?
Discovery in a university doesn't equal a production product. Every day there are breakthroughs but unless there is a way to scale production many never will be produced. There have been companies promising variants of solid or mixed state batteries for over a decade now. The problem has been finding a way to mass manufacture them.
Duke Harris
What about the so called glass electrolytes I heard about a while back (found by Goodenough)
The naysayers crack me up. Batteries are already orders of magnitude better and cheaper than even 10 years ago. Soon they will rival energy density of gasoline and charge in 5 minutes. Bye bye oil...
If you are only interested in whats coming to market you are reading the wrong blog. You could try Ebay
If you are interested in whats being worked on (Like me) then stay with New Atlas.
Paul Villella
2 comments below equate battery to gas or gas tank, that isn't relevant. Electric motors paired with batteries are more efficient so there is no need to contain the energy density of petrol. Ice engine produces far more heat as an output and just around 25% motive power for a good efficient ice. More like 80% battery energy to motive power for ev
Catweazle. this is an order of magnitude greater up to 10 times is ONE order of magnitude. If you multiplied a range of 300 miles for a typical EV today by this you would get a range of 3,000 miles. End of ICE domination in that case totally. And an airplane that goes 80 to 100 miles on current batteries goes 800 to 1000 mile sand that's all you need for 85% of continental flights.
Ross Baker
I don't believe this can increase capacity by a factor of ten. A battery has both an anode and a cathode. Reducing one of them by a factor of infinity will only reduce the size of the battery by a factor of roughly 2 (assuming they are roughly equal in size to start. Still a doubling IS possible and welcome.