How many seabirds is that? At even 1 rpm the tips are moving upwards of 10 m/s.
Lamar Havard
Will these blades also be relegated to landfills after their working life, or breakage like the non-recyclable ones we're dealing with now?
Spud Murphy
Lamar, the same applies to the millions of fibreglass boats out there, the millions of surfboards and kayaks, and all of the other composite objects that are manufactured that actually don't need to be (the vast majority of owners don't need a surfboard or watercraft, they want them). Stop those first before worrying about wind turbine blades, which we actually need. Besides, the materials in even one blade are worth a lot of money, I would be surprised if the big turbine manufacturers didn't already have or are not working on recycling systems for them.
paul314, really is that all you are concerned about? And Lamar instead of putting all of your energy into dragging these brilliant pieces of technology into the mud, why dont you expend some of that energy into maybe solving the "non-recyclable" issue of the blades. Or is that maybe too difficult for someone like you sir?
Chris Coles
Someone needs to be reminded that we are living on a rotating ball of mass, rotating at ~1,000 miles per hour, where there must be the potential for such massive turbines to in some way modify the rotational characteristics of the rotation of that mass. That they need to read earth's Shifting Crust by Charles Hapgood. We may be creating circumstances that would cause the crust to once again shift, and that just might leave us to regret the construction of these monster turbines.
Oh no! Think of the waste these monster turbines will create at the end of their serviceable life! We should continue building power plants that burn fossil fuels to avoid this catastrophe!
They still present a blight on the horizons anywhere!
"Each turbine is expected to deliver around 80 GWh of energy per year..."
Every mWh of which has to be backed up by a mWh of conventional - either fossil or nuclear fuelled - generation capacity.
For all who like documentation(aka..Science) check out this link. Eye opening for this subject.
@Chris Coles. Perhaps we should cut down all of the trees and smooth out all of the mountains ranges flatten all of the structures that have been built, buildings, big dams, monstrous shopping malls and huge bridges as well so that the earth doesn't alter its rotational speed and send us all flying off into the vacuum of space, yeah?