I imagine replacing a blades or repairing the generators would be an adventure all on it's own. This is a olympic sized atrocity.
I will believe it, when I see it.
This system will be unable to turn to face the wind. It will thus be less efficient than the classical wind turbine if the wind direction is not fixed. Even if the turbine are able to turn, there would be a huge downwash effects from other turbines and the struts for lateral winds.
That does not look very stable to me but it certainly would make a highly efficient seabird slicer before it buckled and fell into the sea during the first big storm.
Bob Stuart
It is wonderful to see turbine blades of a more reasonable length. Now, I'm mostly wishing I could see some guy wires or other tension elements to make the support structure more efficient. I expect that the array will turn to face the wind, like any other ship on a mooring.
Wind turbines only kill about one bird per year per turbine. Cars, cats and windows kill far more birds. Fact. Obviously this design pivots from the sea floor anchor to keep it turned into the wind. A fall from a hundred feet or a thousand feet has the same result, so the size is irrelevant to the issue of serviceability.
Kent Dogey
Concept looks encouraging but a Darius or vertical axis WECS design makes more sense.
have they put it out to sea far enough to lessen the slaughter of birds? this is a non starter if it destroy the planet of living things at even faster rates than have been witnessed recently. One planet.. all living things have a place here.. how can they brag bout this feat without taking into account what harm is done in order to do it? comparing to oil or other polluters is fine.. but they are killing all kings of things too. it is about perspective and I do not see it here.
It looks like it has three fixed supports, but maybe the outer two could be floating to allow for turning into the wind. It could even have front/back floats/dampers or even a ring structure with guy wires. Will it provide reliable cheap power? Build one and ask the investors 30+ years later.
Bruce H. Anderson
A skyscraper at sea. All that steel won't disturb wind, wont rust, won't be a nesting place. It won't rotate either.