Kurt Persson
So are measuring CO2 in the atmosphere or CO2 leaking from the volcano?
So, what is the estimated annual human-caused contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere? It’s about 3-4%.
And those ice core studies, they demonstrated that earth atmosphere temperature increases preceded CO2 concentration increases, not the other way around. CO2 is not the control for earth’s atmospheric temperature.
It's striking that many readers, who are particularly concerned with science, refuse to accept the risky anthropomorphic changes to the ecosphere of Earth no matter how much evidence is shown to them. They really need to get their heads out of their butts and be more objective. But of course, they'll turn around and say that they're the objective ones and that science and technology will take care of everything and continue living in denial. Full speed ahead.
I'm always so relieved and glad to read about increased CO2 levels increasing, as hopefully this will result in a warmer climate in Canada, like it was millions of years ago when tropical forests and dinosaurs roamed the far north.
There is no way that CO2 will stop rising simply because we cannot lower carbon emissions instantly, even with a pandemic. Emissions will continue to increase until the impossible goal of zero (net-zero) is attained. By then the atmosphere could be as much as 500 ppm. The only way that can be lowered permanently is through industrial carbon capture and store technology, but it is inadequate to store the huge amounts needed to make a difference to the climate. When we realize that we can move forward with innovative infrastructure to adapt to whatever direction the climate decides to go.
Robert in Vancouver
Obviously, human activity has little to no impact the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. And equally obvious, CO2 has little to no impact on global warming, oh I mean climate change.
I'm moving back east and buying a house with a coal furnace...
There will always be climate change, just as there always has been. The idea of taxing the world financially will do anything positive is nonsense. The world is 75% water, why arent we using hydrogen? If we ran our engines on gasoline fumes, instead of running it wet, we would reduce polution at tailpipes by 85%. The answer is, ONLY money can fix it, and why we dont go sensible on polution. Cant own all the water, or make money off gas, if it is getting 300-600 mpg. I am sure there are other test, debunking this reported CO2 test.
I wonder if some of the same people who say there's no climate change are also the ones saying that Covid-19 is no worse than the flu.
So, a rise in CO2 during the pandemic (while global production is at a super minimum) isn't enough for them to realize that it =ain't= anthropogenic? Mother Nature (organic science which we don't even come close to understanding yet) controls the gas balances in the air, folks.