It may be carbon neutral but it perpetuates the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and so does NOT reduce global warming.
What an amazing technology if it really works? I'd be interested just how much wind and solar power is required to pull gasoline out of thin air?
vince you are incorrect. Go to their website and they explain it more clearly. Basically it says that by using renewables to create gasoline, which requires no new tech or vehicles, they are LEAVING OIL IN THE GROUND that would otherwise be used to create that SAME gallon of gasoline or diesel. If we used their process exclusively, it would reduce global CO2 emissions by TWENTY FIVE PERCENT. That's a really big deal, if they can make it work...
@guzmanchinky, I think vince is correct, in idea is it only recycle capture CO2 to fuel, then it is burn to CO2 and cycles is closed. 25% reduction is if all fuel around the world would be replaced with their, but it is a figure for additional CO2 emission from newly pumped oil. On the other hand it all looks like pure marketing at the moment, as there is no process, explained at all (just idea is presented).
I would call BS on this. There's a lot more in gasoline than just CO2...A lot more. So where is all that coming from? Seems like a marketing story to me and something the old dinosaur ice manufacturers would love love to be true. Good luck with that one. Is there a way to short this thing lol.
The idea is outstanding , however would there be a competition between
plants that need CO2 to complete the Photosynthetic Cycle and the production
of fuel ?
Thankfully, as human CO2 emissions are such a tiny proportion of the total CO2 it will make little difference to anything. In addition, as CO2 has has zero effect on climate in the last 600 million years, even when it was 7000 ppm, or 17 times the present tiny 400 ppm, of which human input is about 10%, then, ''.....Prometheus Fuels allows the climate impact of today’s internal combustion engines to be massively reduced immediately." is a complete fantasy, as there is non.

Wow - is this the latest version of alchemy? Am I the only one reminded of the hype around "cold fusion"?

I'd question BMW's investment strategy here, but then again they bought a majority stake in Harley Davidson so maybe someone is asleep at the switch there.
Do you:
a/ ...ever wonder if you are paying too much for your BMW, and/or
b/ ... think that, generally speaking, people are really stupid/gullible?

Why not just use the renewables to power an electric vehicle with 5 times the efficiency?

If this is too complex an idea for you to understand, let me explain...

You take the electricity needed to run this nonsense idea and generate some fuel and put that fuel in a vehicle and drive it until it runs out of fuel. Alternatively, you take an equivalent vehicle that has an electric drive-train (ie no fuel engine) and put a battery in it containing the same amount of renewably-generated electricity and then drive it until it stops. The second car will have gone fully 5 times further than the first one. There you go BMW boffins. Really easy to understand. Now please stop wasting your money!
Sounds too good to be true. Especially cost competitive with standard fuels. I also can't imagine the process is going to be very fast, so it would have to be on a huge scale, to supply the world's energy needs. But imagine having a gas pump in your driveway that costs nothing to run, just an initial investment. That would be incredible.