What happens in a storm event/big waves to all the debris before it is collected in the ship.
Glad they are addressing the floating trash. Kudos to these guys. Now what about the stuff that sinks, piling up on the ocean floor? Then, what about the soluble pollutants? The "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" is the popular cause simply because its apparent. And sadly, but a symptom of the larger tragedy.
Good for them, for persisting in the face of obstacles. Saving the planet's species isn't going to happen in a single news cycle.
It would be great to have monthly updates on the amounts of plastic that has been collected.
I'm glad to see them finally collecting, but still wish there were a plastic processing factory ship on the waters which would clear up each gyre in weeks-to-months instead. Also, no countries have agreed to stop their own massive sources of the trash in their own rivers. That's truly sad.
Tim Rivers
Now if they could get the biggest polluters China and India to stop dumping in the ocean not to mention African countries then they might succeed. Virtually none comes from North America or Europe.
" in the unforgivable environment"
Really? What did the ocean do to you? :p

Try 'unforgiving'.
"What happens in a storm event/big waves to all the debris before it is collected in the ship."

Plastic that was in the ocean... remains in the ocean.
Tony Morris
90% of oceanic plastic waste comes from 10 rivers. Perhaps they should park the cleanup systems in the mouths of those rivers?

Hendrik Ehlers
I guess the most shocking news in this aspect is that the major source of plastic pollution of the oceans are vessels dumping - and that it is not trivial to stop this sin. Congrats to the team for trying hard.