Were literally bubbling away our future. Hello Venus your about to become a true sister planet.
Pierre Collet
Hmmm... ice caps and permafrost thawing, amazon fires, boiling seas... reminds me of that apocalyptic documentary "The day the oceans boiled" Looks like they got it right, after all...
Matt Fletcher
Last time I checked the East Siberian Sea was already there and for thousands of years. They just found this fountain but that doesn't mean it just started running. How long has it been running, tens, hundreds, or thousands of years? And just because it's running today strong doesn't mean it will be running tomorrow. Not enough data on this to say the cause of this fountain or the effect it will have. Try applying a little bit of the scientific method to this new discovery before jumping to conclusion. And maybe just maybe the reason there is less stable arctic ice could be due to the fact that Russia has the largest fleet of icebreakers in the world (46 ships & 15 on the way) and use them to keep the northern ports open year round for oil production, the 2 million plus people who live there and to continue developing the region.
Those darned cows are hiding under the water again, probably all burped at once.
Fred Ege
Not exactly a breathe of fresh air, is it?
Douglas Rogers
Almost all of the heat exits the Earth by way of the desert. This is very sensitive to path length water.
Unprecedented! Frightening! Shocking! But, "... little we can do to apply the brakes." Maybe, but we still can punish the guilty before this exponentially runaway positive feedback loop renders the earth a smoldering cinder.
Readers might want to note that according to Professor Semiletov, who seems to have a great deal of experience in these matters, the observations were indeed unique : «“This is the most powerful gas fountain I’ve ever seen," said TPU professor, Igor Semiletov on his 46th expedition to the Arctic. “It is manifested by an increase in methane concentration in the air of up to 16 ppm (parts per million) which is nine times more than the average planetary values. No one has ever registered this before!”» Of course, Professor Semiletov may be wrong, and readers here who presumably have never been to the region may be correct in surmising that it's bee running «ten, hundreds, or thousands of years». Why take the risk and bother to investigate natural phenomena en place, when the truth of the matter can be discovered by relaxiing in the comfort of one's own armchair ?... Henri
The lack of science literacy is mind-boggling. Go ahead and joke about it. There is a better than even chance your grandchildren or great grandchildren will have their lives cut short because of climate change that could have been stopped... but we were too greedy to listen to the scientists who tried to warn us when there was still time.
Tim Higgins
You would think by now we would have started to mine and use this as a replacement for natural gas, it's coming out of the ground anyway and is highly flammable.