A lot of BS.

What's causing this warming? Mankind?

As there has never been, in the course of human civilisation, a successful, empirical, repeatable scientific study which demonstrates atmospheric CO2 causes the planet to warm (far less mankind's puny contribution) there must be something else causing this fantasy to manifest itself. But they don't say what.

The last to attempt to demonstrate atmospheric CO2 causes the planet to warm was Berkeley Earth, and they failed miserable when the data is interrogated.
These computer models are not science. They are just more alarmist propaganda.
I hate to say this but I have been enjoying the recent break from global warming propaganda. It seems that a rogue tiny virus will do us in first.
This is another confirmation of a result that came out a couple years ago when projected temperature/humidity maps under global warming came out. People really can't work outside or live without air conditioning when the it gets hot and humid enough that sweat doesn't evaporate.

So what happens when a billion-plus people decide that the places they currently live won't support a decent life any more? That's a lot of folks moving to more temperate climes, and there's bound to be some friction between those folks and the ones who already live in the temperate areas.
As the planet has been in an ever deepening Ice Age for the last 40 million years or so, and, as climate change caused by CO2 has never happened in the last 600 million years, even when CO2 was 7000 ppm or 17 times the present tiny level of 400 ppm, of which human input is about 10% any rumours of CO2 produced ''Global Warming'' can be ignored as ridiculous myths/misinformation. In addition, this inter glacial period is due to end in the near future, and one of the characteristics of a returning glacial period is, that the climate first gets warmer. From data gleaned from the last million years of climate records from deep sea and lake core drillings, or 10 glacial periods, the change has previously occurred in as little as 20-50 years. So, rather that worrying, and scare mongering about minor warming, the pundits should be more concerned with major long term cooling. The present climate temperature and CO2 level is the lowest it has been for 270 million years since the Permian extinction, and is probably the main reason for the present extinction rate, due to slow habit regeneration.
Bill S.
I live in Las Vegas, it is hot here all the time and I love it. Bring it on.
Meanwhile, a large driver of the rising temps is from these areas, with everyone cranking up the A/C to deal with the heat. That is one of the largest consumers of personal electric use. Regardless of whether you believe in climate change or not, we need to push for more renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources. Create jobs in these sectors to help people displaced from other areas of energy generation. And people living in the areas effected in this study? Well, if it happens, they'll just either adapt, or move north to avoid the heat. Just like mankind has done over millennia, although perhaps more rapidly than other times.
In 2011 Dallas had 66 consecutive days at or above 100 degrees F. About 30 years before that, in 1980 Dallas had 69 consecutive at or above 100 degrees F. More than two solid months like that is long enough to imagine what permanent hot feels like. And of course, there are much hotter places on the planet where people live. And thrive. Is an 84.2 degree average really catastrophic and un-survivable? If, in fact, it would really happen. Keep in mind how many decades these models have been completely wrong.
What we need is less people, and then there will be plenty of room in cooler areas further north and south...
The sky is falling... again. Mankind (humankind?) has since the dawn of history, believed that nearly everything that befalls us is brought upon us because of our sins. Will it ever dawn upon us that we live in a universe that neither knows or cares that we even exist, we're just riding along with every other organism on the planet. The sun causes more change in our climate with a change in output lasting a few hours than we could possibly do in a year. Climate models have been gerrymandered to suit whoever's paying for them, just like our current issue with Covid-19. Models just don't work, nature doesn't follow them. Simple as that...