There's fragments of stone everywhere, too. Stone is even more durable in the environment, and over time fractures down to microscopic size exactly the same. You might say that on Earth you cannot escape from the fragments of stone that seem to be everywhere.
@Grunchy I think the difference is that the stone has been around longer than living organisms, so we've had plenty of time to adapt. Organisms did not evolve to manage microscopic plastic, which has only been around for less than 100 years.
This is what we SHOULD be talking about... rather than CO2 increases in the ~few ppm. Pollution of our world is a MUCH BIGGER problem. and funny enough, solving it tends to address the concerns of the Climate Alarmists as well. See there? Middle Ground: a topic we can all agree *must* be addressed.
@Grunchy Stones dont float. And although stones can be grinned into dust they don't degraded simply by being exposed to sunlight. Chickens eat stone as a function of their digestive system but it does not make it's way into their meat or eggs. I dare you to find a study that has found traces of stone in human tissue.
Johnny Partain
Suspicious. Plastic in all samples, including the control samples?
The phrase "every single sample" would carry more weight if the sample source and size of the cohort was defined more. 47 samples from how many (living?) bodies? From what geographic location? I look forward to the next installment of this article, which I hope is "to be continued."
only The Graduate (plastics !) could provide some control samples from his spare tissues, right Mr. Robinson? Time machine needed. Plastics are now EVERYWHERE. He won !
I hate to break it to you folks but if there's plastic fragments in *every* sample of human tissue then there's probably plastic fragments in *every* human everywhere, and even though we may not have specifically evolved to handle plastic fragments it doesn't seem to have any discernible effect. Unless you can say what that is, of course. Hint: be specific.
If they ever reboot Children of Men, they'll cite this study 😆

(Why would you though?! Perfect movie!)
Grungy, you should just go back to your Faux Snooze and let the grown-ups worry about these matters. You're clearly out of your league here. There isn't any real science to be learned in your bibble.