Dave Andrews
I wonder if vegetarians would eat it, since it wouldn\'t require the killing of animals and didn\'t come from a living being.
Still I see a nonsense here in producing something like cultured meat while the real problems are: the excessive consumption of meat the meat industry that is voluntarily and with knowledge polluting our soils and farming animals in way that lead to more pollution, less quality of the meat and diseases. So cultured meat is an alternative just because of wrong choices made today. Eat less, whatever it is.
Bob Kiger
Consider vegetable-nutburgers !
Darrin Goodman
If you are going to be a vegetarian, don\'t make your food look like a meat bearing food, for instance burgers, meatloaf, tofuturky, and all the other meatless things, it just doesn\'t taste and texture out right, but they are trying
The UN is not a credible source.
Olaf the Orful
Who the heck thinks that synthetic meat is going to be healthy? Probably the ghouls at Monsanto with their GMO crops! If agriculture would return to the NATURAL way it was before GREED took over, there would be no problem with eating REAL beef. May the sicko\'s who came up with this junk choke on it!
The real problem is too many people.
Dave B13
Frankenmeat, MMMmmmm taste like Vegan, smells like french fries!
back in the 1970\'s the Back to the Land groups were making hamburger out of earthworms. It cooked like, and looked like hamburger. Taste was similar. it never caught on with consumers. Something about eating worms. But, it worked.
Will this one work out? it might be good if it did. As people move out into space, over the next 50 years or so. There will be a shortage of good living space for a while there.
The samples of cultured meat that I have seen are more like almost transparent slices. It\'s good to know that they are making progress.
Totally synthetic \'cells\', made from bubbles of protein with vitamins and minerals, and some taste enhancing chemicals.If then glued together with gelatin, it could make hot dogs. Work up from there.
Wise Cracker
I thought SPAM was cultured meat... So, you are telling me it\'s not? Oy-vay.