if this is a new genre I expect it to be the last. Horrible and ill thought out
I agree. It was only a matter of time for someone to come and "improve" on the - until then - stupidest vehicle concept of all times, the S.U.V. Simply cutting one of those in half now enables this completely new type of vehicle to fall over even harder than normal motorcycles. Oh progress, you are so merciless.
It's my ol' Yamaha Big Wheel 200.
Hideous piece of over-weight garbage. Looks like a kids scale model and fails as a design concept. The irony is that his father has made a career out of selling lightweight machines so it is only fitting that the next generation should try to lose it by creating pointlessly heavy ones. I trust that Daddy has a sense of humor.
Usefulness is not relevant for premium desirability at premium prices - just look at the Swiss watch industry or Italian sports cars.
Overweight Rokon! Mind you 99% of SUVs never go off road ( known here in the UK as Chelsea Tractors!) so this would fit well into that market. Maybe he should go and spend some hours looking at his fathers designs and realise that sometimes "the box" is there for a reason
Geo Casapu
nothing new, just a huge exposure due to EICMA check this: and there is another one build by a british brand as farm bike who don't need a stender because his wheels are so wide and soft to keep the bike up.
An awesome naked street machine, just needs proper wheels and tires, and a saddle rather than a beam.
Fernando Albuquerque
Rich people's toy.
@BeWalt there are many reasons people buy SUV's. All just as legitimate as the reasons people buy micro cars and hybrids. I'm not saying I like this bike. But just have a think why people might want a higher car. Here's a few reasons to get you started. They're easier to get baby seats in and out and easier for people with bad backs to get in and out. Maybe someone has a big family. They also need to grocery shop for them. So just have a think before you say something that makes you sound ignorant.