This reminds me of an episode of Max Headroom:
Fredrik Pettersen
A sad and depressing vision of the future. But then again if it helps Superman to deal with the loss of his father Jor-El maybe this type of technology could help the human race as well.
Brian M
Might be better viewed as a legacy vault, where information about a persons life is collected and collated. I'm quiet sure the CIA, FBI, GHQ and others will be happy to fund such a project or maybe they already have......
Rocky Stefano
Death is natural. Just let people die already and move on with your life.
Captain Danger
With a few program tweaks my wife may be more happy with the program than the real thing.
40 more years of nagging from dead in-laws - no thanks!
Zoran Taylor
Grief is a natural part of life. This technology could threaten future generations' ability to come of age in a natural way. I think it reinforces immaturity.
Donald Head
Resurrection is becoming more reality than science fiction every day. This virtual reality vision will be available as early as next year. Alan Turing suggested in 1950 a test. The idea was that a computer could be said to "think" if a human interrogator could not tell it apart, through conversation, from a human being. I should think that considerable progress has been made in the past 60 years in technology and algorithms to make this not only possible but inevitable.
Stephen N Russell
Vital for this Internet & smartphone age, Yes, expand duplicate worldwide for needs Esp for veterans overseas serving. A-Z & place Video near tombstone or cremation pot etc.
"For us it is really important to emphasize that we do not want to preserve the banalities of the life of a person, but would much more like to create a legacy that allows your grandchildren to interact with their grandfather."
"When users sign up, they will link the service to their various digital streams, such as Facebook, Twitter, emails, photos and geo-location history."
How can it not be about preserving the banalities of a persons life when the primary data is drawn from the largest pools of banality in a persons life?