I was at the Avalon air show and there were some pretty impressive manoeuvres...
Lourie Höll
Well, that was unimpressive.
It can roll, it can fly in circles and it can loop the loop. Pretty impressive for the bargain price (I don't think). Could well be just a poor video. Lack of any points of reference made any judgement of performance almost impossible. At one point I could not tell if the plane was flying horizontally, very slowly, with a high angle of attack, or was actually climbing, as the uniform background gave no referential clues.
Τριαντάφυλλος Καραγιάννης
I admit I almost fell asleep watching this. I had to go and watch the PAK FA's show on the same airshow to wake up. This was one of the most boring airshow videos I've ever watched (not to put New Atlas to shame, and all)
James P Pratt
Saw the F-35 perform at the Chino Air Show back in May. Pretty impressive. Also, according to the news media, it scored a 30:1 kill ratio at the last Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
I expected at least a vertical landing.
Other than the 391.1 billion taxpayer dollars paid to Lockheed, I don't see what the big deal is about the F-35. With drones, fighter aircraft are fast becoming obsolete anyway.
Derek Howe
Douglas Bennett Rogers - Only the F-35B (the Marines version) can take off and land vertically.
Bob SpencerSpencer
This is what we get for a Trillion Dollars? At least it didn't crash! That's about all you can tell from this poor video.
Vanilla Cat
I know less is more, but is way less way more?