I am not an expert in international political science... My guess is that no other country has similar protections as afforded to Americans by our "first amendment." Duh. So why don't we just foist our entire Constitution and Bill of Rights onto these luddittes? Beat them over the head with our founding documents. My second guess is that some other countries wouldn't like their citizens to have that much freedom and the responsibility that comes with liberty.
Fake news is the enemy of ignorant people without alternate sources of news. Yes, it has morphed from previously being labeled, "propaganda."
In the case of some news outlets in the USA, what is NOT being said is more important than the pablum they are reporting. The level of discourse has stooped to new lows. Ad hominem attacks, and the politics of personal destruction are only aimed at people the press disagrees with. Imagine substituting the name "Trump" with the name "obama." Oh the outrage that would follow... Hypocrisy.
Before you turn to flame me, I am a Libertarian, and don't want any of your fascist ideology.
Brian M
This topic is a tricky one, press and personal freedom of speech is important, but they also carry with it great power. 'False news' and misinformation is just as a powerful a weapon as the gun, maybe more so as people don't even know they have been attacked.
Perhaps the deliberate spreading of false news with malintent should be a crime. With a simple defence that you have reasonable grounds to believe the facts are true based on evidence or a reliable source. But of course the problem comes with the definition of 'reasonable'.
The real bonus of such a law is that many politicians would be behind bars!
Opinions masquerading as news or as facts is Fake News.
Calling out the "Fake News" is important and a must! We just can't stand back and let anyone to say 2 plus 2 equals 5. The sample picture CNN Jim Acosta posted, hinting "journalist may get hurt". I don't see spiked club with face hidden behind masks in the crowd, do you? It's mostly the extreme, left, and my way or no way liberals who came to protest in every event that prepared to instigate mayhem on to the free speech people. Just like these States, Countries referred to in this article which took the phrase "fake news" and weaponized it against their own "free speech people". President Trump's MAGA is now making visible the countries globally which are insecure and want to censor free speech, which after all, is free speech depend on who and how to use it properly.
Joe Blough
No.1 Despot and serial liar: Donald F'ing TrumpHole of the USA.
Excellent article. As the governments are now working mostly against their citizens, rather than FOR them, it's not surprising that many independent journalists have taken the task of trying to point out and fight the constant lies that are spread out by all the official medias. Important note, ALL the medias are now owned/controlled by the left. So right there, we have an extreme bias being applied on all the official "news". The independent journalists can only publish their work on the internet, wich itself is being censored more and more every day. All the big media sites (Youtube, Facebook, Twittre, etc.) are also controlled by the left. These independent journalists began using the term Fake News when they commented on the official narratives of the medias. Then the medias themselves began using the term in retaliation against the speakers of truth. They started this war to keep control on the population, but we have to ask ourselves, to what end exactly? Why are they going to such lengths to prevent the real truth from being known? What are they hiding really? Everyone of us is sensing that something is very wrong in the world right now, with division against each other being the main result. Why do Fake News even exist?
Researchers rely on the wisdom of the crowd. Politicians count on the ignorance of the masses.
Scientia Non Domus, (Knowledge had No Home)
We can play the blame game all we want, pointing the finger in every direction. But the blame started with the media, when they quit reporting facts, and started reporting opinion.
In the United States, the First Amendment to the Constitution was intended to protect a free and independent media who could report the truth without having the approval of the government, king, grand poobah, or whatever. But the media has abused that freedom, becoming a mouth-organ for political parties instead of reporting unbiased facts.
Robert in Vancouver
Two Special Rapporteurs from the UN say that Trump is a liar. But they can't be believed either. Special Rapporteurs from the UN said Canada is guilty of starving it's people and creating food insecurity. Of course they said that when we had a Consevative Prime Minister.
Now that we have a looney leftist as PM, the UN is heaping praise on Canada for borrowing and spending, raising taxes on middle and lower wage earners, and most important, giving billions more to the UN than we normally give.
The Press is not the enemy, but those in the media that Hate our President and the Constitution, are definitely the enemy and traitors of America. There is more Fake and Hateful News Against President Trump than Real News. If you don’t believe that, then you aren’t paying attention!