*Great* effort by the SpaceX team!
Looks like there was just a bit much angle on the approach to the landing-pad. A *very* good effort indeed. I have no doubt that SpaceX will be able to successfully nail this challenge.
They didn't quite stick the landing but that was still impressive.
Not 100% perfect, but hells, when you're doing something that's never been done before you can't really expect perfection. At least they found the barge this time.
Mike Lowry
came in too fast and had to rotate to upright at the last second. Just about there though.
I don't think people understand how amazing this achievement is. Off course there will be failure. But there is tremendous improvement every time. Good luck to SpaceX for daring so wildly.
But yeah - that PIO/yaw moment was too hella time!
by the looks of those white caps in the water it had some serious wind to contend with.
Ed Reed
Part of the problem is that the barge is going to move and shift from the rocket blast pressure hitting it as the rocket gets near.
Why don't they try a landing somewhere like Australia. It would be a lot easier to land on a solid surface. We have plenty of empty space here. They can use my back garden if they like. The fact the they have almost managed to land on a tiny moving platform absolutely amazes me. Here comes the true space age.
This is an amazing challenge to not only conceive of, but almost pull off! I watched again today and like the comment above, I question the interference of the ocean mechanics. Perhaps for their ocean landing platform they could consider some design features of an aircraft carrier or a catamaran.