Expensive up front but eventually it should be cheaper than something that requires maintenance.
Toffe Carling
Hope they know that the runoff water from the copper during rains n so isn't Eco friendly. But besides that very cool house. Eco friendly is always good.
I have seen a copper clad building recently built near me. It is certainly eye-catching because of its shiny copper color, but the gloss shows every undulation of the surface, which isn't that flattering.
Of course, after a few years, the surface will oxidize and become a mat finish, which would certainly be better aesthetically. One has to wonder where copper-clad walls are in terms of cost with other exterior envelopes.
Toffe above makes a good point about the green copper oxide that stains whatever it is running off to.
Gerald Martin
Impressive. But with only one bathroom in 3,800 sq. ft. ?
Rann Xeroxx
Ha, just mixing and pouring the concrete alone produced tons of CO2. Then there is the mining of the copper and all of the other materials.
Point being is that large houses are always non-eco friendly as they use far more resources and produce far more waste in production then modest houses. Want to produce a "eco friendly" house? Build a very small house that meets the needs per the number of household.
Only in California! In Monterey County you may obtain a building permit to build a copper-clad house while the California Water Board is attempting to ban even trace elements of copper from boat bottom paint. A single copper-Clad house near the ocean will leach off more copper than a marina full of pleasure boats. Of course trace elements of copper pose no harm to the environment, in fact it controls dangerous pathogens, like e-coli. I love that house.
Don Duncan
I am a firm believer in a bath for each bedroom. That is a priority for me. It seems like common sense unless building a low-income house.
As for concrete usage, rammed earth solves that eco concern.
All zero IR windows + passive solar design should eliminate cooling need.
I don't know about California, but in the UK if you had a copper clad house you would be frightened to go on holiday, in that the copper could have been stolen by the time you get back. Copper theft is a huge issue now that it is worth about 10x more than a decade ago.
I think that the effect is stunning inside and out, no doubt it is not perfect but to look at it is really something, and the interior d├ęcor is just right. One bathroom would be a problem through and it would not work universally, but stunning all the same.
Ha! Wait till the illegals find this house...they will strip it of all copper and sell it to a metal recycler. I'm a bit surprised it's stood for this long...I guess it's too far away from bus routes and broken down Honda's to get to the house. Wait until one fixes up an F150...then this house will be stripped in an afternoon!