I don't know, it seems a bit too sensationalist to me... so mean that poor people that doesn't have enough what to eat, would live longer. Those religions that obligate their followers to fasting, would make their followers live vary long lives than any of those that doesn't follow it? I don't think so. I still see more benefits (supported by studies) in have a good life, less stress, eating well and most important... exercising at least 4-5 times a week will produce better results, at least you can see active people living way longer than any one that did a lot fasting, are vegetarian or vegan.
Indian Yogis have been talking about this since thousands of years. Minus the scientific experimenting. Its all about being aware and receptive to one's self. Now that intellectual mind has taken over the world, other dimesions of living are forgotten. It's also about taking control one's physical, mental and energy bodies.
Does intermittent fasting include the practice of increasing the duration of overnight fasting? Typically it's only 10-12 hours, but can easily be extended to 16 hours (the 16:8 diet). Doing so aids fat loss without any need to reduce food intake because the body makes more use of stored energy as readily available sources are depleted while fasting. Is this daily extended fasting also beneficial to how the mitochrondria function?
Brian M
@Aussie_2017 There is a lot of evidence to show that reduced calorie intake does improve longevity (up to a point).
A healthy low calorie intake is not the same as a poverty imposed low calorie diet and those on such are likely to succumb to other poverty issues such as disease, lack of healthcare etc.
Fasting is there in many cultures and religions and based on good observed practices for society, as are other rules such as the method of slaughter for animals, albeit not all necessary these days!
Jeff Burke
I tried fasting to lose weight. It didnt work and I felt really bad...Will ask my mitochondria whats wrong with them...
Well, it works on worms. It's just _gotta_ work on people, too, huh? I wonder if worm stomachs growl like ours do when they're empty. My blood sugar doesn't like starvation, so I'll pass for now.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Just avoiding acid reflux will go a long way.
Eating less food really does help to lose weight, just check out anybody afflicted with anorexia. Or check out photos from concentration camps. The downside of this is reduced quality of life. Starving is not painless.
Ok so you can add days to your life but is it worth it? And the days you add, if your fasting (no dieting) I would'nt consider quality days. I guess there's a small benifit but it seems so trivial. You'd have to fast a lot to really be able to demonstrate a substantial gain.
Fasting DOES work! I did it for 2 Mnths when all other diets and diet meds didn’t work. Entering menopause and everything slowing down, Fasting from 10-13 1.2 hrs up to 4 days per week, I lost 27lbs! Some people Fast for up to “4” whole days, only drinking water, coffee or and tea.