If your dad is as hard to shop for as ours you are probably already wondering what to get the big man. With Father's Day coming up fast we have put together a list of our favorite big-boy tech toys. You should find something here for every dad from the super up-to-date nerd to the parent who needs a bit of tech indoctrination.

The drone for dad

Now that DJI has launched its entry-level Spark model, the best drone maker in town has really covered off on all bases. The Spark is the perfect definition of a big boy toy – it's fun, cutting-edge, and has a pragmatic use if that's your thing. Between the Spark, the Mavic Pro, and the Phantom, there should be a drone here for every dad.

The Smart Watch for golfers

If your dad plays golf and doesn't already have a smart watch then this gift is a no-brainer. On top of the usual smart watch functions including step counting and smartphone control, this GPS-equipped watch comes pre-loaded with maps from 40,000 golf courses around the world. It can track your play shot-by-shot and even measure your upswing tempo, helping you improve your game.

The smart photo frame

When we reviewed the Memento digital photo frame last year we were initially skeptical, but after playing around with one we ended up converts. Controlled by a smartphone app and with ambient light sensors that automatically adjust brightness to the room, this is a perfect example of useful technology.

The digital home thermostat

Every dad loves to have full control of the home thermostat and Nest's newest digital thermostat is about as technologically advanced as these things get. If you can imagine dad sitting on the couch manually playing around with the temperature of the house through a smartphone app then this is the perfect gift.

The GPS navigator

While most smartphones these days have pretty good GPS and navigation functionality, sometimes it's just easier and more reliable to have an independent system in your car. This Garmin device offers lifetime map updates and full turn-by-turn directions. On sale now from Amazon at under $100, this makes it a pretty good gift idea for the dad that needs a little help getting from A to B.

The VR dad

So you may have been telling your dad about all these crazy VR innovations over the past couple of years but he has never actually experienced it. Now is the time to grab a Samsung Gear VR, hot on the heels of the 2016 update, the Gear VR offers a great, easy way to get into the VR game. Once you've got your new Gear VR, check out our guide to getting started. We're making this as easy as possible for you dad!

The Tungsten Sphere

Does your dad love his periodic table? This is the fancy nerd gift of his dreams. Ostensibly this is just a small metallic sphere, with a diameter of just 2 inches, but it is made of 90 percent tungsten, an incredibly dense element. This tiny sphere weighs over 3 pounds so unsuspecting guests can be surprised at how heavy such a small object can be. It's a glorified paper weight, sure, but it's a damn good gift for the right dad.

The compact projector

Most dads never miss an opportunity to drop a quick slide show. This Optoma compact, short-throw projector is a pretty impressive deal at almost half-price right now. With 700 lumens and instant mirroring of Android and iOS devices, this is the perfect gift for those spontaneous family photo slide shows.

The smart power tool system

Last year Black+Decker launched its Smartech battery system which allows you to monitor all your tools' individual batteries through a single smartphone app. It's a small innovation but an incredibly useful one for anyone that is constantly messed up by their tools running out of battery at inopportune moments.

The digital camera

Father's Day is always a good time to update your dad's photography kit. Maybe introduce him to the world of DSLR photography? Get the family to chip in and grab one of these DSLR kits on sale from Amazon. The Canon kit is an especially great deal at 40 percent off its retail.

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