Homeopathy has been, as stated, totally discredited. A ban is necessary.
While Homeopathy is undoubtedly quackery, as it is based on an unproven assumption, my concern is that this may be the thin end of a long wedge by the 'Big Pharma' industry to eliminate competition from herbal remedies. They have already succeeded with marijuana, and in some places, like France, with St Johns Wort, both long standing, historical remedies. In the UK, 'Doctors' managed to eliminate the herbal practitioners in the past, by having them declared as witches, and then burnt to death, and so losing a wealth of valuable remedies. A UK television program, that researched various skeletons from history, found one that had been treated for horrendous battle wounds, where the victim had not only survived, but had continued to live into old age, for those times, whereas even today his survival would be doubtful. Chinese or other herbal remedies have been shown to be successful in treating ailments where 'Big Pharma's' synthetic products have failed to be effective, or have caused more problems than they have cured. I can testify to that experience. There is a tendency for people to forget that over 70% of 'modern' medicines are based on herbal remedies, and are often inferior, due to unwelcome side effects, not experienced by the original remedies, as the synthetic products are not identical to the original, having been simplified to make it easier to manufacture, and therefore increase profits. In addition, there are researchers scouring the Amazon, and other areas for new herbal remedies for big pharma to synthesise, which confirms the efficacy of herbal products.
The FDA has a history of eliminating any challenges to the business interests of Big-Pharma. According to the official line, homoeopathy cannot possibly have any effect, so, logically, it cannot possibly do any harm. It is an infringement of civil-liberties to prevent people from using the medical systems they chose, unless a system can be shown to be causing harm.
If it is not harmful, please let me decide if it is useful to me. Stop protecting me. I am a grownup.
This is the same agency that decided walnuts had to be treated as a medicine because a walnuts company had links on its website to scientific articles that discussed the health benefits of walnuts.
"The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is also turning its sights on homeopathy, announcing in late 2016 that any health-related claims made by a product must be backed up by scientific evidence."
Too bad this isn't the case with Big-Pharma and calims that opiods are not additictive.
Oh big surprise, yet another liberal-filled FDA granny Government crackdown on the opponents a gigantic corporate interest group, and grabbing further power "reserved to the States or to the people" by our Constitution.
I recall watching a video of a former head of the FDA (woman) saying the agency was totally controlled by the oil-based drug cartel and that it needed to be held accountable. Looks like she didn't have much influence. She also said that over half of the FDA's budget came from profits made by the big and slimy drub companies. Personally, I have found some natural substances work better for some things that the modern "miracle" drug company products. Haven't found one yet for my restless leg syndrome though.
I agree with most all said here; I think the key is Million Dollar... they want their cut. Also it said "over 400 adverse events reported and up to 10 deaths potentially related to this homeopathic remedy." Potentially?!?! Really? When drugs get approved without fully testing, cause multiple deaths, then the FDA passes legislation protecting the drug co. from being sued; yup, good 'ol boys in action; protect the money, not the public as you were created to do...
Craig Jennings
I wonder how they account for the 100k deaths in the US alone from prescription medication.... They seem to be harping on about the "harm" and trot out 10 "potential deaths" (may their baby souls rest in peace :() If they just tightened advertising rules then they'd get rid of all the "may" "could" and.... "potential". Either it works or it don't, show the working :)
The FDA is totally trustworthy - opium for everyone!