Who'd a thought?
A stunning development!
I wonder how many other conditions can be traced back to gut bacteria being out of whack?
Expanded Viewpoint
It puts a whole new therapy into play for reclaiming these otherwise mostly lost lives!! I can hardly wait to see this get implemented on a wide scale now!
I am cautiously yet eagerly optimistic!
It is good to see conventional medicine catching up at last. For far to long it has been entirely lost in the unscientific backwater of searching to find a pill for every ill, rather than using the scientific method to discover the causes of health, and therefore the reasons for its loss, and the means of restoring it.
Money and medicine are a bad combination, responsible for turning medicine into a saleable commodity in the form of pills and potions, rather than a scientific approach to understanding health and its proper maintenance. Just as darkness is the absence of light, disease is only the absence of health, and just as studying darkness will not create any light, so studying disease will not create health.
When I was growing up,I never heard of a single autistic child in any family I was aware of. What is different about life today? There were many more pollutants around when I was a kid,and I am pushing 65.Anyway,this fecal transplant research sounds very good. BTW,my neighbour has an autistic kid.
This is great news, but did I read it right? "involved a bowel cleanse and daily transplants of fecal microbiota over a period of seven to eight weeks." This seems like a lot for a child to go through.
Paul Muad'Dib
Compared to the past, today we live in a very sanitary environment. Every cleaning product on the market proudly proclamations that it kills bacteria. We are obsessed with it and now it’s come back to bite us in the ass.
Can this help adults with autism?
The placebo-control study is vital. I'm surprised that they didn't do it in the original study. At this point they don't know if some of these patients just got better on their own, regardless of fecal transplants. After the placebo-control study they should know pretty definitively if the fecal transplants are the key.