Looks like a Corvette.
Technically very nice car. Asthetically, great interior, nice front and rear exterior designs, but what's up with the ugly sculptured side panels. Seem to be trying for the BMW Z3/Z4 look with a little bit of Viper near the hoodline. Not their prettiest car, but it should be a screamer.
Did an American design that? So f'ing terrible. Oh but wait, it's a red Ferrari so people have to act like it's great. You could slap a Chevy badge on that thing and no one would know the difference. Who needs 750 bhp on a street car? So stupid. Buy a real race car if you want a race car.
I would say that the side panels are to channel the heat coming out of those bonnet ducts for that 'air bridge' downforce. lol the Chevy reference
Robert Sanderson
"The Ferrari F12berlinetta will become the fastest naturally-aspirated road car ever produced, the fastest Ferrari ever produced, and if it can back up its claim of a 340 km/h top speed, the fastest road car ever produced." You may want to check your wording there... it's not the "fastest road car ever produced" not by a long way. There are many more that are faster the Ultimate Aero TT and Veyron to name two. Also slippery is not always what they are looking for, unlike the prius it needs downforce because it can reach high speeds, something the prius has no need for.
Chevy could only dream of designing a car shape like this. I agree there are some similarities, but the f12 has much smoother, more delicate haunches and nose than a corvette. As for why do you need a 740hp road car? You don't, same as you don't need a Ferrari at all. I mean in Australia this thing will cost $750,000 + I mean you'll be weighing up if you should by a mansion by the beach or a car and you'll say to youself, "well I already have enough beach mansions. I think I'll get a Ferrari."
Cowfy Kaufman
i'll be a lopp eared mule.i stand in respectful awe at the Italian genius for designing beauty and soul into a machine.
Dave Andrews
Looks like they took design cues from the Corvette Stingray.
Looks like the Italian folks took lots from the Chevy Corvette, too bad they did not look instead at vintage Ferrari's instead!
Nicolas Zart
No matter how far I stretch my over-active imagination, I can't see how any of the design resembles anything American, certainly not a Stingray of all things. I can't see BMW either. It's Italian and it sets the standards in dramatic inspiration, the rest follows or recoils in horror to a Bauhaus style :)