Reece Agland
More 512 or 328 than F40 to me. Beautiful
Polluting and vulgar rather than gorgeous. A really great car design would be electric.....
Seems clear to me the design inspiration is the Lancia Stratos. It hints at the wedge nose, side window shape, and slatted rear window/deck cover.
i dunno - there seems to be too many supercars nowadays. dare I say boring?
I don't really see the F40 resemblance but regardless it is an extremely attractive design. I don't know how I feel about the rear, it's unique but maybe too far a departure from recent Ferrari designs but maybe that's what this client was looking for.
Expanded Viewpoint
If all of our electricity was generated by raw vegan Gerbils running in a squirrel cage, then maybe a case could be made for cars running on nothing but electrical power. But... that's not the situation. What virtually all of the pseudo environmentalists miss badly on, is that the very roads they travel upon are largely made from petroleum, and EVERY technology that we have in common use today creates some kind of pollution and waste in its manufacturing process. To all of the knee jerk reactionaries who delude themselves into thinking that electric cars/trucks/trains/airplanes/motorcycles are some kind of panacea to all of life's ills, I say to get on a treadmill and use your feet to make the electricity that you need to get to where you want to go! Or just walk it yourself. Randy
Please to anyone with a good visual memory this looks exactly like the re-boot of the Stratos. And I do mean exactly.
Achingly, because it aches that i can't have it! But I agree with the poster who said electric is the future. How can supercars even compete with the 1.9 second Tesla that is coming soon?
Sim Puke
It looks "achlingly" like the new Ford GT, albeit missing the radical side air ducts.
Expanded Viewpoint
In my haste, I forgot to say DAMMMN! that's a gorgeous looking set of wheels there! Yes, it truly does make me ache, in my head, my heart and another place too, which I probably shouldn't mention in mixed company!! The rear deck looks sort of like a Horseshoe Crab, but every other view of it just makes me drool like a baby who is teething! That paint job is exemplary, hard to find anything more beautiful and precise! Randy