Zaron Gibson
Very cool, but they got the flight pattern backwards. The rear wings beat first, not the front. You can see this clearly in this video:
I'm impressed. With commercial applications you're good to go.
Joseph Boe
pretty cool. One problem that stands out is how much the head and body are shaking. Imagine a camera on that thing (especially the head).
The whole thing looks like it is going to shake itself to pieces pretty quickly.
Guillaume Levesque
LEXX had it right all along, the future of flight is in giant insects! :)
@Zaron Gibson
I wonder if that is why it looks so clumsy compared to the real thing?
Frédéric Gerber
Very nice fly. In 70's people thought aliens were using vessels shaped insects... :)
Bas Klein Bog
Impressively shaky.
The Skud
Look out! Shrinking this down a bit will be bad enough, but their next project is a closer to real-sized mosquito! Great - laying in the shade and (via radio link from the remote operator) you hear: "Get up and do some work!" "Aaww Mum!"
You know I cool!
What a disappointment. I thought Festo was known for its originality. Wasn't this already done in the US back in 2012. Georgia Tech's Dragonfly if I remember correctly... (Ed. whats so innovative about copying someone's tech and making it bigger to differentiate. Really Festo! I thought you were original with dolphins, seagulls and so on... wonder what other technologies they have or are copying from the US.. not expected from Festo and Not expected from the engineering giant... Germany!
Douglas Fairweather
It looked a lot "simulated" to me.