Randolph Directo
That is a seriously cool object; looks like it's based on a deep sea creature. As for the production staff for this video, they need some serious time off - or they should do the ghost movie they've always wanted to do.
Maybe the increased intrest in car to plane aviation will likly see such materials and shapes acting as traffic signals in the sky at 500 to 1000 feet.There shape changing abiltys would be useful for a varity of signaling.
Benjamin Wade
I agree the video production staff need lots of time off. I keep on expecting Russell Crow to jump out with a sword. The video only gives you two very short views of the object actually flying, and it prevents you from getting any real idea of how it performs.
The Hoff
I wish I could appreciate it but the room and the lighting were bad picks and the editor buried it. The most annoying video ever.
Conny Söre
It looks rather nice (destpite the obfuscating video). Is this just an odd plaything or could the mechanics be used as a silent fan or maybe to harvest enery in flowing water or air? The gadget sometimes entirely covers an area so I suppose it could be used when the flow is weak.
I agree with several other comments. Whatever they were trying to demonstrate was completely lost in the insane, inept, and incredibly annoying video editing. We never saw it actually move from one place to another by more than a couple feet and for perhaps one second of "flight". I would have really liked to see what this concept was capable of.
Clearly its anchoring at such altitudes is questionable however a further use may also be in a red bull type of kit synchronized competition scenario games
Exactly...what a horrible video...You never get to see a complete action of the device...that backwards and forwards jerkiness I doubt is the device...you can't get any idea what this thing can do by the video...quit trying to be "artsy-fartsy" and instead show us what this thing does!
Nitrozzy Seven
they're engineering art.
Cool object, ridiculous video. That's just what I want when watching something with a unique and fascinating way of moving: quick cuts, speed, and focus changes to hide that movement!