Rocky Stefano
What\'s the fun in an all electric car race? None. Not a race I would go see.
Alan Belardinelli
Are you kidding me, Rocky?
A: people will watch damn near anything race. I am guessing that it is hard wired somehow. B: Racing expands the techincal horizon in about every field I can think of, be it wheelchairs, skiis, swimsuits, or whatever. If there were a slip-n-slid World Championship Series people would watch it and people would slip and slide faster every year.
EV racing is a no-brainer.
Let FIA bleed - no loss. EVs have been around for too long and FIA has chosen to ignore them. They don't deserve the opportunity. Let them stay in the fossil fuel age and die a natural death.
Jeff Kroll
@Alan: IF?
Alas, it\'s only nationals.
Maybe we can petition for an Electric Slip-n-Slide competition next year...
the electric car doesn\'t bring a lot of noise to a racetrack, but it does bring a bunch of tourqe. i think the racing will be fun to watch, and without deafening engines you can hear the tires working as hard as they do. i think that would be a great detail to hear.
I think it would show that electric vehicles are no slow pokes but a viable alternative to ICE race cars; IMO.
Andrew Windebank
Ummm... Actually the FIA have been promoting alternative fuel for over a decade...
They have had a panel investigating EV\'s since the early 2000\'s and a committee was formed about 4 years ago to promote EV racing...
So the article is slightly incorrect....
Andy W. Hong Kong.
There has been an international eBike championship , so not a first
Mr Stiffy
This is only going to be any good IF they source their own power from their own renewable power supplies - like the amoount of power you can get from a bunch of solar cells on a 2 car garage with wind turbines etc - otherwise it\'s a 30% efficiency from the coal burners.
And we know how close to extinction we are... don\'t we.
Offering free entry for all the people riding bicycles, or who drive electric vehicles or who obtain their power from renewable sources - would be a good idea.
Alan Belardinelli
@Jeff... alright then... Would seem that there is a racing corollary of rule 34 :)