hkmk23 is not fix now product, it may be tougher tomorrow, but duck fixes it now.
I would take this over duct tape any day. However the manufacturer has to come out with smaller package size if it has to be used up in its entirety. Duct tape may work NOW but it won't tomorrow if the ambient temp rises and the adhesive literally melts and the tape drifts! This I can vouch for from first hand experience.
FiberFix is an interesting product but not an "innovative" one. There are many companies that manufacture and market this type of product to repair "almost anything".
The product is widely used to repair pipes in oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants as well as high pressure gas lines. It is also available from such distributors as McMaster Carr and Grainger.
There are variants of this material that cure in as fast a 10 minutes making it a now fix.
Veronica Roach
sorry - I prefer to have the ability to undo something if I got it wrong ! You would have to go to the ER if this got in the wrong place - just like super-glue - more trouble than it's worth. If you are anything like me, duct tape is everywhere in the house - great stuff, and you remove it fairly easily - I keep several colors for different purposes !
Sounds useful! I want some. I wonder if it comes in sheets that could be worked into a mold or draped over a pattern?
Joan Fahlgren
I can see people getting into a lot of trouble with this.
Billy Thompson Sr.
This is stupid, nothing like duct tape, too much money, try again!
Craig Jennings
Steady there Eddies, they're not REPLACING duct tape with this. This is another product. You may use either, or both, or neither. You know we'll just add water straight to the pouch. Now give some to a Dakar Rally team and there's your advertising :D
The Skud
I'd still vote for duct tape even if this FibreFix came in smaller packets - duct tape is flexible so absorbs stress in repairs. Google "The Mythbusters" to see just how versatile it is ... imagine making a suspension bridge or boat out of the other stuff, would cost 100K bucks!
Stuff like this usually has a shelf life of around 6months, so it's basically useless. You'd only keep it for emergencies, by which time it's self-hardened in it's packet already...