Looks like a more refine version of the one from Mythbusters (Episode 171: Bikes and Bazookas) but with fancy LED lights in it and a new lid..
Weather? Wipers. Need.
Bryce Guenther
That looks so cool ! the vehicle looks like safety features are highlighted and rain protection is somewhat addressed excepted what would splash up from the ground or what the tires might whirl up, the aerodynamics benefits where not qualified. It looks like a great design, Perhaps motorcyclist would adapt the same features for safety.
I'm a little surprised this article make no mention of aerodynamics. Perhaps there aren't any (aerodynamics) and hence Geospace Studio were careful not to raise the subject! One can imagine it being hard work to ride against a head wind.
Looks pretty cool (probably could have used a hipper looking driver though).
My question is how does it handle in strong updrafts and crosswinds? Yes, the three wheels gives it stability, but wouldn't the light plastic carapace tend to carry you away (think umbrella in a windy storm)?
Oh yes, and price?
Cute.. but does it fit in the bike lane?
Perfect for bike parties and the Mainstreet Parade (quick call Disney).
But seriously...How does one lock this thing? How to take it into one's workplace at the end of the commute? Do the paramedics have to cut through extra layers of canopy in the event of a serious interaction with an automobile? what happens when you do clip the occasional automobile? The extra ground-hugging girth would surely become intimately acquainted with curbs in narrow bike lanes. What about cross wind?
Ike Trikeman
This is a great concept using a TerraTrike Rover as the base platform. These things lend themselves well to all kind of experiments. You can find more info here:
The Skud
Apart from getting laughed out of town, if it is wet enough to need one of these I will take the car or a taxi. The purhase price would probably pay for quite a few taxi fares anyway.
Bill Bennett
AND how much does it weigh? that would probably get it laughed off planet by the biker I know - carbon bike and wheels, 100 psi tires