Mark A
Help me understand. Why won\'t someone produce a small car that gets 70mpg or better? What happened to the VW 1L? This thing is useless to the masses. No one cares about us little people any more. Occupy Detroit!
@Mark A
There are dozens of European and Japanese small cars that get better than 70 mpg.
Francois Retief
@ Mark A: I think you mean occupy Anaheim, California and Wolfsburg, Germany. If you occupy you\'ll be protesting against GM (Against products like the Spark and the Volt ;-) May as well go to Disney World while occupying Anaheim :-D
Alan Coffelt
Yet another uber expensive, (read out of the price range of the average person), EV. How long will it take and how many \"cutting edge\" EV\'s have to be sold before the prices become more reasonable? Some how I don\'t think a reasonably priced EV is going to happen in the next 20 to 30 years. It is a nice car though and I would consider it if I could afford it.
Over $525 Million US taxpayer dollars was given to this company and the cars are being built in Finland. Not the US. After bailing out GM who still owes billions with their flagship car that is all electric that sold less than 900 cars, this imbecile, idiot of a president doubles down on another electric car that WILL fail. You would think that if GM cannot sell more than 900 electrics at 1/2 the price of this soon to be financial disaster that includes a tax break to own one, you would not pull the trigger on another failure. But, this is the Obama administration and it comes as no surprise since Obama cannot even pass an E-Verify Check.
Jerry Peavy
Of course there is a electric extended range small car that gets 200 miles on a charge, the Aptera. Aptera has been waiting for over a year to hear back from the Government for there loan to begin production, so don\'t hold your breath!
alfred knows
@mark A: I don\'t know if you remember, but back in the 80\'s a guy in Alabama developed a carburetor for an engine that got 100 miles to the gallon. Ford bought the thing and tested it, and comfirmed the mileage, and you never heard about it again. You don\'t actually think the automakers want to save the world energy do you? Or do you? What about the engine that ran on water?? Alfred knows
MarkA- Several of the posters are correct. It\'s the useless American Government that won\'t allow these cars in the states due to idiotic unbelted occupant laws. Cars in the US weigh more than the European cousins. Therefore they get better mileage. All you have to do it look at the UK sites for companies like VW. The Polo in it\'s 1.2L Bluemotion version, gets 91.1 miles to a gallon of diesel. The larger 1.6L diesel still gets almost 80mpg.
It\'s not Detroit, it\'s Washington.
What a useless piece of junk..
Mike Barnett
Frankly, this just ticks me off. The government loans Fiskar over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to build a car in Finland, while leaving Aptera to wither and die on the vine for having the gall to design a vehicle with three wheels instead of four. The Aptera should be the first wave of green personal transportation, and should be pushed hard by the government as an ideal vehicular solution. This expensive, technologically advanced toy is just that... a toy. Oh, we\'ll learn from it, but the Aptera could be teaching us NOW.