Gregg Velosi
That's freaking awesome! I picture myself in an empty field, tapping my foot & looking at my watch "Damnit...where the heck is my house, it was supposed to be here by now!"
Thats a shack. In s.a's shanty towns it doesnt take two days to build a shack.
Pretty nifty shack if I may say so, never seen 2 day shacks this nice, in S.A., Brazil or India.
OK bas, it's a 'shed', a nice looking shed in an upscale neighborhood. How's that?
Imagine trying to make a bed which is against a wall on three sides. Almost impossible.
If the cost is reasonable I can see this being an attractive option for some people. I have been retired for a couple years now with a fairly good pension; but nobody would call me rich. Traveling south for the Winter and living in a house like this is more appealing to me than living in a trailer. Unfortunately I'm guessing it will be quite a bit more money than I think it should be.
@MasterG Well, build your "shack" complete with running water&electricity installed in two days and let's see it up here on Gizmag!
Atul Malhotra
Wait till a typhoon, heavy rains or an earthquake hits that
Ge ready for serious fatalities !
And I haven't even started about cooling/heating needs or security against break ins and burglaries !
Not one picture of the inside so we can see the cooking and bathing rooms?
Steven Murphy
i would use this for a home office, or something like that