Or you could spend less than half as much on an outlet splitter.
Almost two years after its introduction, people are still spreading the myth that the iPad somehow won\'t work on regular USB chargers? A 1A (5W) charger like this can\'t charge an iPad while you\'re using it because it uses about that much power in operation. But it absolutely can charge an iPad if you turn it off. The only time you need the iPad\'s own 10W charger is if you want to use it and charge it at the same time.
Not the safest of bits of equipment - it\'s the equivalent of poking a couple of bare wires in with the plug.
The safer way is, as Slowburn says, to use a double adapter.
One that makes me say \"why didn\'t I think of that?\" Great idea and easy to adapt for other countries. I\'m sure they could print a sheet with circuits suitable for most countries on the same plastic...
Of course the load can only be minimal, you\'re not going to run a hairdrier off this...
@Slowburn - but you still have to carry a charger and forgetting a splitter is easier than forgetting something with a cable on it...
@ivan4 I\'m sure the design is safe - there\'s no exposed conductors...
It does not look unsafe to me. Just not the most cost effective way of getting the capability.
William H Lanteigne
I\'d have to go with the splitter. I already have a couple spares, and if I need one on the road I can always pick one up at Walgreens or Walmart for a couple bucks.
Or you could spend $15 and get 5 of the Liberator cords from Ziotek and others.
For travel I take the cheapest and therefore the lightest power strip I can find and then put one adapter plug on it for an outlet. Advantage of the $4 plastic power strip is that I can then plug in 4-5 devices without needing a special adapter and the power strip is on a flat surface. Often the available outlets are in a location where it is not practical to plug in a device for recharging as when it is behind the headboard of a bed or in the bathroom over the sink or in the side of a ceiling lamp.
Carson Kerr
There\'s these great things called power strips, I don\'t know if you\'ve heard of them.
This seems like a terminal case of over-thinking something and making it more complicated.
@Gadgeteer The USB 2.0 spec is limited to 500ma per USB buss. Most computers have two USB buss\'s. If you have the iPad plugged into one USB port and you are sharing that buss with a second usb device, like a thumb drive, there will not be enough power to charge the iPad. And if you attempt to do so, you run the risk of frying your motherboard. Just sayin