This thing seems, to me, to miss the point between walking and cycling..
Jon A.
More like a combination bicycle and birth control device.
It clearly is not fast enough to escape the people rolling around on the ground laughing at you while riding/running in this goofy looking contraption.
I could see some rehab uses for it possibly but even then, there are better tools already available.
Maybe if the person has some super gnarly hemorrhoids?
Chuck Anziulewicz
Utterly ridiculous and impractical. I could not help but notice that the video never showed young hipsterdude going UPHILL.
Ba-ha-ha, swing...and a miss! Yes when I am panting what is really want is to be hanging from straps by my ribs
John Ullom
Looks like a broken neck waiting to happen...
It looks like an eugenics experiment to me. Killing the people stupid enough to ride it regularly.
Lawrence Smallman
I'm surprised at such a negative reaction!
I'd prefer this over a skate-board any day - looks like a fun way to go for a gentle run without putting too much strain on the knees.
but each to his own ...
Alan Belardinelli
I am not sure what problem or challenge this device solves or addresses.
Ariel Dahan
Oh my ! I don't want to be the one who'll rescue him when he'll be crashed. All the parts my be broken. Especially the neck!