Ettore Esposito
So whoever want to realize a PAV has to put many electric motor on it? Puffin PAV: 2 Rayaircraft: 4+2 Zee.Aero: 8+2 Volocopter: 18 Who's next?
Matt Fletcher
Doesn't look like you could drive it past 15 mph or fly past 60 mph, so what's the point. Plus with vertical take off you still have to find a place where you can land and takeoff due kicked up debris during both. Looks stupid and ugly too. Not a big deal but if your ponying up $100k or more people generally want to look good.
It will always be problematic to trust heavy powered spinning blades with 1000s of parts into the compromised functions of a car and a plane.
The future will very likely show propulsion by charged air alone and very few moving parts. Then with 100% networked control safety door to door without roads, the "flying car" question becomes simply the safest most versatile and efficient VTOL aircraft answer. Stay tuned,,,
Germano Pecoraro
sounds more like a design exercise
What about the tremendous noise and dust swirling around in the parking lot? How does a neighbor gets in and out of the car when this is taking off? Imagine the scene when this fails to take off, landing on shoppers .
So many negative comments. Glad I do not know you personally. Given the negativity you people project, it would be a stilted experience to know you.
Thankfully there are so many who are blissfully unaware of your negativity.
...the comment about the negativity is spot on.
I also keep noticing the same here at Gizmag - a stifling concentration of naysayers. To me it looks like every particular nay sayer is just vicariously boosting their little ego - what is a more effective way of doing so than by putting down other people/ideas/inventions? To come up with an idea is BIG - but to point out flaws in them all is way bigger - the infallible emotional logic of a nay sayer.
As for the ZEE car - I would love to see one operational ...and perhaps even fly one!
This is a very neat design that seems to tackle the problem of producing a flying vehicle that can be easily parked in a garage, or, in this case, in the Kmart parking lot. The Moller Skycar M400 was designed, in part, with this requirement in mind. This vehicle seems to be more of a roadable aircraft than a "flying car" as such. The "roadability" would seem to be limited as there does not seem to be a surface propulsion system beyond the pusher props. That alone would make it little suitable to negotiating auto and pedestrian traffic to make a quick trip to the Seven-11. Also, I would be loathe to park my gleaming flying flivver in the supermarket shopping spaces with the fools who push shopping carts and open their car doors willy nilly into any vehicle unfortunate enough to be in range. Still, the design looks promising, perhaps not as a flying car, but as a VTOL vehicle that the average person could operate.
Stephen N Russell
Need cargo, van, sedan models alone Id drive/fly one & or rent for sure.