Jay Gatto
I look forward to these, and all related, silly vehicles being banned.
When it breaks down, you sit by the roadside strapped in that position so passers by can kick you up the bum for being stupid enough for buying one of these and making all that noise.
Please, please sweet baby Jesus, give us an alien energy source capable of flying these for a near infinite amount of time without charging or refueling. It is a silly vehicle, but only because 10-20 minutes of flight time is nearly useless for any practical purpose. I would absolutely love to fly one of these with a safety parachute.
Insanity. Which is probably how people felt about the train, the car, the airplane...
Between ten and twenty mins of flying time. $380,000 price tag. One hundred twenty decibels! Hmm. Sounds like a headache. Military uses perhaps. Flying anywhere near the general masses for recreation?,....not so good. But folks who have the money - have at it. Do try to give the wildlife a break though.
It looks like, if you loosen your grip on the controls, you'll get left behind, and the two vehicles can then elope by themselves, leaving a red splodge below.
The Bishop of D
Good luck getting LSA certification for something powered by four turbine engines. It's far more likely that the machine would require a type rating for the pilot.
I can do better than this with just 2 rotors and on battery this example is so bad. And far better for the military. Small jets suck fuel and produce little thrust/lb of fuel, a terrible choice. And the military did a stand up in a box with a single more efficient jet version 20+ yrs ago better than this. But both have a problem in that they can't carry the soldier's gear along with the soldier. A simple seat with a battery under it and twin counter rotating rotors controlled like a Gyro can carry the soldier and their load farther than this one silently. These have been built, sold as kits at least by EAA people though with a gasoline engine.
As mentioned already one of the primary problems with these is the price. There are certain entities (government) that will try to justify them...but it will be normal people that will have to carry that burden on their backs...the jets won't be helping that much when it comes to the already burdensome tax rates....
Looks like an excellent (and expensive) way to get oneself killed.....