Sounds nearly as good as the Korean 2.2 crdi used in the Santa fe and Sorrento
No such thing as clean diesel. Too bad Ford did not invest the money in an EV. Ford is falling further and further behind. "You snooze you lose"
So what about a California approved model?
Lewis M. Dickens III
Fastidious is a powerful word. Rarely used in engineering and how I would love to see it used in comments... Rarely do they give us real data for the real world... like how many miles per per gallon of fuel would this represent and how many bucks per mile of travel. Engineers love the words "increase in efficiency" but what does that represent in the real world??
Who knows... "Only the Shadow Doo".
And look at those hilarious 3 bladed wind engines... they will never talk about efficiency of them which seems to be less than 20% if you can get them to turn at all. Yet the magnificent engineer who created the Packard Torsion ride Created wind engines that hit the Betz limit of 59% and no one will look at them. Beaufort Pickens created a wind farm of the idiotic 3 bladed fans and then declared them too costly... meaning too inefficient. If he had not been a lemming perhaps he would have discovered that he could have pulled lots of power. But the fact is that the lemmings are alive and healthy in the wind engine world.
Yooo Hooo, internal combustion engines are now a dumb idea.
How many peer-reviewed climate scientists does it take to make that clear??
Just because electrical vehicles are getting better doesn't mean we can totally use them......Combustion engines are still going 2 B used, I just want 2 know How well this new diesel engine will run on veggie oil, I ran it in all of my diesel vehicles,My 40 ft school bus,and my VW took a little more work but it was FREE FUEL, I will have to check this out........LOL :-)
Tim Jonson
@bfearn, Combustion engines work far, far better than anything else out there, and they will be around for a very long time. Passenger cars, light diesels in particular, cause tiny- miniscule- percentage of pollution. You still have power equipement like lawn mowers, construction equipment, cement making, buses, trains, ships (a very huge source) coal plants, oil furnaces, etc. ICE engines are not nearly the primary source of pollution and ghg and are still the only options for long trips and heavy loads.
The article is about the new engine being more fuel efficient, so it would be nice to show actual MPG in various vehicles (current diesel and what it should be with the new engine).
I agree, I read the article just to find out the mpg and which is the most tantalizing fact of this engine and it's not even mentioned. In other words - a non-article. Highest hp capacity size 125? That's a joke right?
Martin Leitner
@Tim Johnson You are absolutely wrong. Combustion engines are far inferior to an electric motor in every relevant aspect. The only advantage of the ICE is the cheap energy storage system it relies on. But that advantage is vanishing now. "a very long time" may be less than ten years. "tiny- miniscule- percentage of pollution"? Well, being responsible for over 15% of CO2 emissions is not tiny in my eyes. Not to speak of the other ugly things coming out of the tail pipe. And if you don't see options for long range travelling: Have a look at Tesla. Heavy transports: How about electric trains? And for the future I just would bet on Hyperloop.